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To Hear the Word of God and Speak It!

We hope these homilies and classes help guide you towards a living faith in Jesus Christ. The words presented in these talks are only meant to bring us closer to the everlasting Word of God. Every story falls into the great story of God's work, every life is taken up into the eternal life of the Son. 

Why Catholic, with so much scandal?

Why be Catholic? Because it's true.

The Beauty of Catholicism

So many reasons... what's yours?

Be Inspired
St. Charles &
St. Rose


St. Charles Church               St. Rose Church

211 Mt. Carmel Ave.              5011 Raymond Rd.

Flemingsburg, KY 41041       Mayslick, KY 41055

Weekend Mass Schedule
Sat: 5pm (St. Charles)
Sun: 9am (St. Rose)
        11am (St. Charles)

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