What you are not.

My friends,

Sometimes it’s helpful to just rule some things out right at the beginning. You are not God. In fact, you aren’t even close. You aren’t perfect, you aren’t always kind or patient. You are not your own savior. You are not capable of saving yourself at any point in this lifetime or even in a hundred lifetimes. You aren’t invincible or immortal. You are not always right. Got it? Good.

You are loved by God, and He is always close to you. He knows you aren’t perfect but He’s working on you to make you kinder and a bit more patient. More importantly, He wants to save you! He wants to save you from death, suffering, and sin. He wants to do this for you because He loves you, and He knows you could never do it by yourself. He wants this life and life for all eternity in heaven to be with Him in love. You’re weak, but He is strong. You’re alive but one day we’ll die. He died so that you might have life and He has the best possible life planned for you. Got it? Good!

It’s impossible to enjoy anything without humility. If you don’t understand that you’re a sinner you probably aren’t too interested in a savior. If you don’t understand that you were practically dead before Christ, the life He offers might not be so obviously awesome! The second you think your friend or spouse owes you love because of something you did, the joy of them loving you seems to just vanish. You and I can be honest though, we haven’t done anything to deserve the kind of love that Jesus offers us. We haven’t merited eternal life and we never could. I’m not saying that you or I are bad, corrupt, or immoral; even if that might occasionally be true. I’m saying that it’s not the point. The point is Christ knew all those things before He mounted the cross, that’s precisely why He did it. You don’t have to be perfect, or invincible, or anything else to receive the love of Christ. He just loves you.

So let’s try this again. You are not alone. You are not without hope. You are not beyond repair. You are not unloved. Instead, you are a son or daughter of God that is loved beyond all measure and for all time. Your worth is not in question, Jesus decided it once and for all on the cross. There’s a lot more to our faith, each truth more awesome than the last, but you need to know this down in your bones. You need to at least get a glimpse of the wonder of Christ’s love. You need to see the value that this truth holds for you and every other person on earth, and then share it with as many people as possible. That wondrous love is the point to all this. Got it? Good!

Before you die bring 12 people to a living faith in Jesus Christ!

                                   You and yours are in my prayers,
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