To Know and to Love

My friends,

You can’t love something you don’t know. We all have that initial want to step forward into holiness, faith, and friendship with Jesus Christ. I’m sure that initial want is what drew you to prayer, but then we quickly realize something more is necessary. In order to have a real relationship with Christ, we have to ask the sane questions: “Who are you to me?”, “Where are you from?”, “What/Who do you love?”

I’d bet when someone brings up the topic of ‘study’ to you, you think back on classes you hated and lectures that bored you. Perhaps too, you just think you aren’t a big reader so there’s not much you can do. We should embrace our study of Christ and His Church like we enter a good friendship. That means we first spend time with the person (prayer), but along with that we have to share experiences and memories (study). Those are two initial steps to bringing a friendship with Jesus Christ to reality.

So, how can you study? Could you read a spiritual book? (I have hundreds you can choose from.) Could you listen to a talk or attend a class? (I could show you some CDs, podcasts, or videos.) Could you read one page of sacred scripture each morning? We can’t say “Jesus, I love you but...”

Practical and Possible Step: In addition to the 15 min of silent prayer each day, try to add 10 min of sacred study. That’d mean you are giving 25 min to better yourself and your faith in Jesus Christ every day. That’s 25 min out of 1,440 min of each day. I hope you read this and say “I can do that, I will do that.” God will work, but we have to give Him a chance.

Life goal: Bring 12 people to faith in Jesus Christ before you die.

                                 You and yours are in my prayers,                                                       
                                                  Fr. Eric

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