To Hear and To Speak

My Friends,

To hear the Word of God and to speak it, that is our task. Every day we have to intentionally listen to the Word of God and then to the best of our ability communicate that word. I mentioned I want everyone in our Church to feel wanted when they come in and hopeful when they leave. Here’s the source of our hope:

“God loves you. He loves you because you are worth loving, and He made you so. He loves you for who you are, and despite what you are not. He loves you enough to live for you, in the flesh, in the person of Jesus Christ. He loves you enough to suffer for you, to die for you, and to rise for you. Upon His rising He offers you every good thing; life, love, hope, and joy! He offers you everything if you would just lay down those sins, that you know will never make you happy, and then reach out and take it. God loves you and you were made to love Him.”

If we communicate that message well in our lives people would know what it is to truly be wanted, and we would be offering them a tremendous source of hope.

Here are our weekly goals so far:

1st- Pray 15 min every day in silence.

2nd- Have a holy moment every day, where to the best of your ability and knowledge you intend and then do the will of God.

3rd- Spend 10 min every day in sacred study. Read, listen, watch, whatever. Find a way to learn more about Christ and His Church.

4th-Try to journal about your prayer and study process a little each day. Try to write a half a page about what you honestly think and feel regarding your spiritual life.

Life goal: Bring 12 people to a living faith in Jesus Christ before you die.

Here’s the prayer from the end of mass today, It is a “Prayer for Guidance”:

“O Holy Spirit of God, take me as your disciple; guide me, illuminate me, sanctify me. Bind my hands that they may do no evil; cover my eyes that they may see it no more; sanctify my heart that evil may not dwell within me. Be my God; be my guide. Wherever you lead me, I will go: whatever you forbid me, I will renounce; and whatever you command me, in your strength, I will do. Lead me, then, unto the fullness of your truth. Amen.”

                                  You and yours are in my prayers,                                                                  

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