Serious about Joy

Advent, with all its expectation and preparation, is a time to get incredibly serious about being incredibly joyful. It is usually just through malaise that we slip farther away from what we really want out of our lives. Sometimes we come up against a serious sin, sometimes it’s a serious struggle, but more often it is just that we haven’t taken our loves serious enough.

Let’s be crystal clear, you cannot afford not to take joy seriously. Perhaps we are capable of fooling ourselves for a moment, but real faith, hope, and love takes some serious attention. The best things in life hardly ever just happen; family, friendships, and faith take work. Ask yourself, “what am I preparing for?” If the answer is anything other than “an eternal life in Jesus Christ” I would respectfully recommend reevaluating. Give your heart over in serious preparation this Advent to prepare yourself for the renewed coming of Christ in your life! It’s worth it! You are worth it and your spiritual life is worth it!

A good option to try is one of the many Daily Inspirational Programs that are free and easy to try each morning. Here are a couple recommendations:

Dynamic Catholic:

Word on Fire:

Challenging a friend to join you in these reflections might be a good way to make progress in bringing 12 people to a living faith in Jesus Christ!

                                  You and yours are in my prayers,
                                                  Fr. Eric

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