Faith Perfected by Love

Brothers and Sisters,

Faith is that first movement out of ourselves towards God. Love sustains the journey. We won’t get very far just wanting and wishing for something bigger and better. We all want faith, but I think we want faith dropped on our doorstep. I’d like you to reverse that image, instead think of faith as the door. Faith allows us entry into a beautiful house, but love needs to make it a home. Love creates and guides the actions and the people that live in the home. So, faith gets the first word meaning God’s grace works first, and then love is what makes the life.

I said today that “Faith is hollow without love, and love is shallow without sacrifice.” Real love takes work! That work needs to be done in practical and possible ways, as the faith always needs to be lived out in action and not just in theory. Perhaps this would be a good time for you to review our goals as faithful Catholics so far. My friends, rejoice in the progress you have made to this point, THANK GOD for Him pulling you closer to Him! Then trust that this is a process, you won’t be made perfect overnight. We aren’t looking for a magic trick or a half-brained fairy tale, we want nothing less than a living faith in Jesus Christ. A real faith, a true love.

                                  You and yours are in my prayers,                                                              

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