Catholic Courage and Holy Heroes

My friends, Where are you in this great drama and this sacred story of love with our Lord? Whether you are just beginning or have been fighting the good fight for many years I’d propose a few necessities. Prayer is first and foremost a friendship with God. That means we are open and honest in a consistent daily conversation with the Lord whom we love. It means we study to learn more about Him and those He loves. It requires that we joyfully give of ourselves daily to God and to others for the zealous proclamation of God’s glory. Nothing is more valuable than our friendship with God, and eventually that friendship needs to be communicated to others.

Let’s start with prayer, use the prayer process to walk yourself through 15 min of silent prayer each day. When can you consistently do this? Where is a quiet place that will work? Below is the prayer process we talked about and cards are available at St. Charles or St. Rose for anyone and everyone.

The Prayer Process

We have big goals as faithful Catholics, but I will not ask you to do anything that is not practical and possible.

Life goal: Bring 12 people to faith in Jesus Christ before you die.

                                  You and yours are in my prayers,                                                          
                                                 Fr. Eric

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